Do you have an event coming up but can’t decide which style to go for? Is there designer you want to try but you are not sure if it would suit your body shape? 

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Q: My boyfriend and I have been invited to his ex-fiancé’s wedding. As you can imagine, the invite has sent me into a dress related stress. Obviously, I want to look amazing but without looking like I’m trying to upstage the bride or worrying that someone else will be wearing the same dress. The wedding is being held in a rather austere country manor so I need to look reasonably posh too. Help!

A: Being the guest at your boyfriend’s ex-fiancé’s wedding is always going to throw up a few conundrums, especially when it comes to your dress. Whilst wearing cream or white to a wedding has become much more acceptable these days, in this circumstance, I’d steer clear! Instead, opt for a dress with understated tones of wow. Deep purples, navy and emerald green will give you a regal air without screaming obvious and when long, tap subtlety into the Grecian vibe. The Suzannah Goddess dress available in green or navy, exudes Grecian Empress and is cut extra long for those all important heels; if you’re a Carrie lover, try the show stopping Halston Heritage gown which she wore in the second instalment of the film - simple accessories are all that’s needed here. Just remember to wear your dress with confidence and grace – it is her wedding after all!


Q: Like every other woman alive, I am obsessed with the whole Mad Men retro 50’s style of clothing – I just love how amazing the outfits look. I’d love to try this out for my work summer party but every dress I’ve found on the high street makes me feel as though I’m in fancy dress as the patterns are too intense. How can I bridge the gap between retro without looking like my Nan?

A: You’re in good company – celebrities like Dita Von Teese and Kelly Brook love this look too as the shape is so flattering and makes the most of a fabulous hourglass figure. The key to finding the right balance is in the colour and pattern. Take the best bits from the era i.e. the nipped in waist, but add a little noughties influence to it with digital prints, block colours and modern fabrics. Fendi’s Painted Rose Dress encompasses a hidden bodice and full skirt with an on-trend dusty lilac shade and painted rose appliqué. Similarly, Roland Mouret’s Circle Silk Dress in lemon benefits from a skinny black belt and knee length skirt. The combination of the pale palette and cut perfectly merges the two eras to perfection.

Roland Mouret Designer Dress Hire


Q: My company have been nominated for a really important award, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive an invite to the black-tie ceremony! My legs are my best feature but I’m struggling to find a demure mini-dress... 

A: Despite what you might think, you can wear a short dress with sophistication - the secret is in the detail!  Women are always told that you shouldn’t do cleavage and show a lot of leg, and this is so for a reason. It’s simply too much skin, especially for a smart ‘do. And whilst shiny, silky fabrics are beautiful, when short, they can cling to the body and show far too much.  Something with structure will balance the length of the skirt with the flesh on  show. If you fancy something flirty and fun, Tofu’s Jerry Fish Dress has ruffles aplenty to give a playful edge and  play on the proportions. In contrast, a simple shift with a twist will work just as well. Miu Miu’s Velvet Optic Silk Dress has both silk and velvet panels, so is anything but boring. The loose shape counteracts the length and teamed with vertiginous heels, will have you winning awards left, right and centre.

Jerry Fish Dress Hire

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