The basics: How do I order a dress

Order up to 3 dresses and only pay for the one you wear

Use the Wish List!

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Can I try on the dresses before my event?
Yes of course, just like a shop, you order the dresses you want, and try them all on when they arrive.
You wear the dress you love the most and send them all back after the event.
A refund will then occur, for the dresses which were unsuitable and returned unworn, with the tags remaining intact.

If your event is more than a month away select the 'Advance Try on' option of £30.00 at the checkout stage. 

Can I order and try on more than one item?
Yes, you can borrow a maximum of 3 short dresses or 2 full length gowns at one time.
Should you order and try on multiple dresses, we will refund you for anything you return unworn. If you order 1 dress and you don't like it, we will fully refund you minus delivery.

How does GMD know which dresses are worn?
Just like a shop, all the dresses have security tags on them. If you wear a dress, you take off the tag. 

Will I get a refund?
Yes, you will only get charged for the item you wear plus delivery. We process all refunds within 5 working days upon return.

Do you ship to Ireland?
Yes, simply select the Ireland shipping at the checkout stage of your order.


Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, we ship to the following countries: Belgium, Luxemberg, Netherlands, France, Germany, Monaco, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden. Place the order normally on the website and simply select your country at the checkout stage of your order. The delivery fee for these countries is 30 GBP. This includes delivery and return / both ways all included. Our courier will deliver and collect from you.

When will my dresses arrive?
On every dress page there is a calendar and you can click on your event date to see the delivery and return dates.
Once you order, we will be in touch to confirm everything and you will also receive another email once the box is dispatched with a 1 hour delivery slot, so you don't have to wait in!
For a 2 night rental, the dresses arrive the day before the event. For a 7 night rental, the dresses arrive 3-4 days before the event date.

I am petite in height, will the gowns be too long for me?
We stock the long dresses in different lengths - don't worry.
Place the order as normal and then tell us your height by email if you are concerned and we will send the best option for you.

What If I damage a dress?
Don't worry! We understand that some accidents happen and may be inevitable and beyond your control. We always advise our customers to treat the dress as one of their own but to be on the safe side you can add the insurance option of £7.00 which covers minor damages. 

Does GMD have a physical shop?
No, All products are ordered online and delivered to your address, home of office. We deliver anywhere in the UK, for your event. Next Day delivery is the fastest we can deliver.
For London customers we have a small showroom where you can book an appointment to try on some dresses. Click here for more information >