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Just like all online shops, with Girl Meets Dress you can choose the dresses you wish to try on. Wear the dresses you want and return everything after the event. We then refund you for any items you didn't wear. Easy!

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How does Hiring Work?

Pay as you go OR Join our monthly membership...

There are 2 options. Every dress has a 2 and 7 night price. Either order event by event and try on up to 3 at a time.

You may wish to become a member and pay £99 / month to rent unlimited dresses, 3 at a time, and swap them as many times as you wish through the month. LEARN MORE >

Order and try on up to 3 dresses

We refund you for anything that you don't wear. Just like all shops, the dresses are tagged. After your event, use the pre-paid label to send all your dresses back in the same box.

Try on the dresses weeks in Advance or wait until the week of your event

At the checkout you will see 2 options. Standard delivery will be the week of your event. If you your occasion is over a month away and you want to try them on sooner, select the ADVANCE TRY ON option. You will receive them asap and we will re-deliver the chosen dress again for your event at no extra charge.

We buy the dresses, so you don't have to

Your wardrobe in the cloud

Reserve dresses now for any future event date  |  Full refunds for anything  you don't wear  |  4000 dresses & 200 brands  |  Free UK Delivery and Returns  |  Order online or Book a London Showroom Appointment  |  Try on before the event  |  Optional insurance £7  |  Next Day UK and Europe Delivery |  Same Day London Delivery  |  Need longer than 7 nights? Get in touch


Girl Meets Dress Clothing rental

Lets build a better future for fashion.

This is just the beginning of our sustainability journey. Add renting to your wardrobe choices. Shop less, buy smarter. Lets close the loop on fast fashion. #girlmeetsdress


Trade dresses in. Get credit.

A new initiative to give the dresses in your wardrobe a new lease of life in exchange for Girl Meets Dress credit.

Have dresses you no longer wear?

Let's build a better future for fashion. Add renting to your wardrobe choices. This is just the beginning of our sustainability journey.


Become a member?

Our Unlimited membership is optional but worth subscribing to if you wear many dresses for your work, or have social occasions to attend through the year. £99 / month.  Ask us questions or Read more >

How does hiring dresses work?


Does GMD have a physical shop?
Our showroom is closed at the moment. You can find all our dresses on the website.

Can I order online and try on a few dresses?
Yes, you can borrow a maximum of 3 dresses at one time. Should you order and try on multiple dresses, we will refund you for anything unsuitable.

How much do the dresses cost to hire?
Every dress has a price. You can hire dresses individually event by event, or join our INFINITE membership which is a monthly subscription for £99. This entitles you to Free unlimited dress hires all month.

I only want 1 dress for my event, can I order 3, choose 1 and return the others for a refund?
Yes this is exactly how it works. You are allowed to order up to 3 dresses. We will deliver them to you. After the event your return them all in the same box. Once we receive them back we will refund you for the dresses which you did not wear.

Can I try on the dresses weeks/ months before my event date?
YES, you will see 2 options at the checkout:
Option 1: FREE: When your dresses are delivered for your event, you will try them on. We will refund for anything you decide not to wear. Option 2: ADVANCE TRY ON/£30 per order: If your event is MORE than 4 weeks away from the date you place the order you can opt to use our  service. Select this option at the checkout. You will receive the dresses ASAP to choose which one to have re-delivered back to you for the event. This service is £30 (non refundable) All delivery and returns are free.

I am not very tall, will the gowns be too long? We have various lengths of all the dresses. Order normally and tell us if you are concerned. The GMD mission is to ensure you look your best at your upcoming event.

Can I receive a refund if some / all of the dresses I order don't fit?
Yes, once the dresses are back with us, we will process a refund for anything you have not worn.

Can I add accidental damage insurance on my dresses?
Yes, we have an optional £7 insurance option to select at the checkout stage. This covers minor accidental damage such as a zip break or any normal stains.

How long can I borrow a dress for?
On the website you select the option to borrow each dress for either 2 nights or 7 nights. If you need longer, perhaps you are going abroad, no problem! Just email us at

When does my rental period begin and end?
Your rental period starts on the day your dresses are delivered, for example, for a 2 night hire, delivered on a Tuesday, you would need to drop your box into your local Post Office on Thursday before 5pm (2 nights later). We ignore Sunday as the post offices are closed, so for weekend 2 night events, delivery is Friday and return is Monday.


How much does delivery cost?
All UK orders have FREE delivery + returns.
In central London we offer a Same Day service which is £20-£30

How do I know my order will arrive in time?
On the day of your delivery you will receive a 1 hour delivery window allocated by our courier service. You will be kept informed about dispatch, delivery time etc.


How do I return my dress?
Returning the dresses is quick and easy.
Using the original packaging. Drop your box at the local Post Office. keep your receipt safe.

When will I receive my refund?
After we have received your box back, we will process the refund and notify you via e-mail.

How do I contact customer service?
Or by telephone on 0207 498 9131.
We also have a LIVE CHAT function which you will see in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. When we are offline you can also leave a message.

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Whether your next occasion is tomorrow or in 3 months time, you can select and book dresses now by entering your date when you place the order.


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First time? Have a question about how to rent? Or perhaps you need some dress suggestions for your event?

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Smart shopping The retail industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Unlike fast-fashion that falls apart and ends up in landfills, renting things you wear a few times is the sustainable answer.

Packaging Our eco-friendly hanging garment bags are used and reused.Our cardboard boxes and tissue paper are made from recycled materials. 

Faux Fur We took a stance and decided to move away from stocking faux fur.

Responsible Dry Cleaning We only dry clean with non-hazardous, non-phosphate oil-based chemicals.

Plastic Recycling We ask our customers to return their dry cleaning bags for recycling. A drop off point is located in our reception.

Reuse We extend the lifecycles of our dresses through our Sample Sales and charity donations.