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Grace Woodward - Stylist, fashion creative and consultant
Every week our Stylist Picks features dresses from the GMD wardrobe handpicked by some of the most discerning eyes in fashion, from stylists to bloggers. Each style-savvy contributor comments on their favourite styles, and gives tips on how to achieve a complete, occasion-ready look whether you are renting a prom dress, a wedding guest dress or a cocktail dress.
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This week we have one of our favourite fashion uber-stylists Grace Woodward taking over our GMD stylist picks to presents her favourite looks from Girl Meets Dress. Check her must have designer dresses and accessories and feel free to 'Like' your favourites on Facebook!
Grace is known both in fashion editorial through the Sunday Times Style and with celebrities such as Florence and the Machine, Emilia Fox, La Roux, Rebecca Ferguson. Commercially she has worked with Dove, John Lewis, New Look, Agent Provocateur, Wonderbra, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Stylistpick amongst many others. She has a public profile through two seasons as a judge on Sky Livings flagship show Britains Next Top Model, hosted Chick Fix and was Fashion Director on the X Factor 2010. She was also voted stylist of the year in 2009. She is a permanent judge on the Coolbrand Leaders panel.

This is the kind of dress that makes a serious impression, you couldn't wear it twice.


This is so so chic and so so expensive to buy - I'm a massive fan of YSL - wearing great quality clothes really changes the way you hold yourself, even makes you feel more beautiful.


I love fantasy dressing up, when i do fancy dress i don't like doing crappy joke shop costumes, i do fashion all the way  - tho would be my  perfect Jessica Rabbit dress


This is so bonkers i never buy it but its liked the kind of dress i wanted to wear as a kid.  at that price i can fulfil all my latent princess fantasies!


This dress is a really great colour but its not the kind that you tend to invest in so its perfect for those one off moments of crazy colour.