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Lizzi Zita - Stylist
Every week our Stylist Picks features dresses from the GMD wardrobe handpicked by some of the most discerning eyes in fashion, from stylists to bloggers. Each style-savvy contributor comments on their favourite styles, and gives tips on how to achieve a complete, occasion-ready look whether you are renting a prom dress, a wedding guest dress or a cocktail dress. To contribute to Stylist Picks email

This week Lizzi Zita takes over our GMD stylist picks to presents her favourite dresses from Girl Meets Dress. Check them out below and feel free to 'Like' your favourites on Facebook! Lizzi work with celebrities including Catherine Zeta Jones, Joe Fiennes, Minnie Driver and many others. She also writes a regular luxury article for Schon! Magazine, and has started an exciting new fashion site where you can write reviews about your latest fashion and beauty purchases.  

"There are dresses which get you noticed, and there are dresses which get you what you want. This dress will get you both. It will close the deal, get them to sign on the dotted line as well as show off your assets on the Red Carpet. The faint hearted should stick to a safer LBD, which will safely get you through the night, but this baby will punch you fast forward into next year!"


"Ever since aged 5 I saw Dorothy vanquish the wicked witch in ‘The Wizard of Oz” I have adored the colour red and all its possibilities. It says strength, fire and passion and flatters every woman. Imagine how much faster Dorothy could have socked it to that witch had she worn this drop dead gorgeous Issa dress?"


"This is a frothy dream of a dress. It is a delicate as a magnolia and beautifully feminine. Rock up to your party in this dress and you may well find all the other women soon leave, it eclipses every other frock. Marc Jacobs is one of the few designers who can effectively combine softness with an edge."


"Halston to me sums up a pre aids era when life seemed to be more innocent and fun filled. I imagine Bianca Jagger and the Studio 54 set strutting their stuff in dresses like this pink one shouldered number. The personification of chic and good times is what this dress says to me."


"This dress is the kind of bad girl bondage dress good girls can wear and get away with it! The brilliant red gives it a drama and energy which ups the stakes even more. My advice? Wear red to get ahead."